Pest Control Treatments For Ants And Roaches In Your Kitchen

Your kitchen is the place in your home that has a lot of food that you bring in, that you clean up, and small tiny pieces can fall off. Something very tiny to you may feed a roach or an ant for a week or more. So your kitchen is a very attractive place for these pests.

cost of pest control service purgaSo what can you do around the sink to help prevent roaches and ants? We look at some pest control treatments you can use for ants and cockroaches.

Bugs come around the sink and stoves because there is a lot of food. A residual spray with a good chemical is going to do a lot to reduce that population as they come to the area. Spraying under the sink up under the bottom of the sink and even around outside around doors and windows will help protect those small cracks and crevices where ants and roaches will come in to feed.

We can also use a lot of baits to attract the insects to eat them. It contains poison that will kill insects. There are baits formulated to mimic food that you may have left around. Use little syringes for treating around cracks and crevices, doors and windows where ants and roaches may come in. The insect bait is also available in the aerosol can which is a lot easier to apply. These baits last for a long time and are very effective in attracting ants and roaches depending on the formulation it was designed for.

There is also dry baits. The dry formulations of the same ingredients are excellent. These dry baits are actually dry powder which is great for dusting in holes that you can’t see into or get into. This is also effective in getting behind switches and electrical plates because these dust will go in there and it will give ants and roaches someday for a long time.

There are different pests that may be invading your home and if you need solutions to rid of ants and roaches in your kitchen these pest control treatments will help prevent these insects from bugging you. There are pest control technicians that you can call when controlling these pests gets tough.