ants and termites

Do you have a termite issue?

Everybody values their own domain, their castle, their safe place, their home. Whether you own it outright or you are renting a home, we all want to feel comfortable in our very own house.

Many people will express this through adding their own flavour to the home, which might involve painting the house, inside or out, it could be simply that you have added your own taste by changing up & placing your homewares & ornaments.

This is all well & good, however when you suspect that your home may be under siege from termites or other pests & bugs, it instills a massive fear in many people. So what do you do in this situation?

My advice would be that you start searching online for a reputable pest exterminator or pest control company that is located in your local area. But how do you know you’re dealing with a professional? Luckily these days, online reviews are a prominent factor for many businesses. If you find a local pest control operator, you can usually search on Facebook or on Google for some previous client reviews. There are also other sites like Yelp where clients leave reviews about their experiences. Since these reviews can’t be removed by the business owner, you’ll find that with a few minutes of searching, you should get a good feel for the company.

Also, you will want to discuss the pest control companies guarantees & warranties offered. This can vary greatly from one business to another. Also ask plenty of questions about their experience.

One last tip – if you Google search for Pest Control Association or similar in your area, you should be able to find an industry association that has a member list. Why not review this & find some operators in your local area & start contacting them to find a suitable operator today.