Facts About Bed Bugs – Can We Avoid Them?

pest control quote woodendDo you know that bed bugs were almost eliminated before? But they have made their way back into our beds and is causing more havoc than ever.

The introduction of powerful insecticides during the mid-1950s to the late 1990s almost entirely killed these bugs and as they became so rare a lot of people could no longer identify them. The problem even became worst as a new generation of pest control professionals were not able to fight them properly.

Bed bugs came back and fast during the last years as people travel more, they have also grown resistant to conventional pesticides. Now, more and more homeowners are falling victims to bed bugs which when an infestation occurs, this could mean that they may have to get rid of their beds and some furniture that are infected by these pests and contact a pest control professional to handle the problem.

Can we avoid them?

Bed bugs are mostly small creatures but they are pretty fast. They can crawl into your luggage without you noticing them. You may carry bed bugs while you are travelling and it can happen anywhere.

To avoid them, inspect first your hotel beds when first checking in. Check the sheets, the seam and corners of the mattress, check the pillows and headboard. Look for signs of their presence like bed bug sheds, black spots yellowish skins.

Don’t spread your clothes first and place your luggage on a hard surface first. But don’t be paranoid while travelling because you might not enjoy your stay if you are always thinking about them.

Bed bugs are an annoying household pest and can pose potential health risks to you and your family. Identifying the signs of bed bug presence in your home can help you prevent these pests from becoming a bigger problem. If getting rid of bed bugs gets tougher, call a pest control expert.