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Pest Control – The Difference Between Wasps And Bees

pest control quote karaleeWasps and bees are very different insects but some people often confused them to be just the same. Both of them build large dwellings to protect their queens, they also create a network of honeycombs to protect young larvae. Both are winged insects that can sting people.

The difference between the two

  • Wasps have smooth skin while bees have fur on their abdomen
  • Wasps create nests while bees make hives
  • Wasp nests only contain less than 100 insects while bees can create large hives which can contain around 75,000 insects inside
  • Wasps are about 5 centimetres long while bees are 2.5 centimetres long


These winged insects are more aggressive and will scare you if come into their territory. They have a distinctive black colour and four wings that create that buzzing noise. After hibernating, they will create a new nest. When wasps attack and sting you, their stingers will stay intact so you do not have to worry about removing it. However, you have to defend while running away from them since they can sting and attack you multiple times if you do not escape right away.


These flying insects appear to be more peaceful insects than wasps and will not attack unless provoked. They can only use their stingers once so they avoid conflicts whenever they can. However, when you get stung by a bee, make sure to remove their stingers since they can still inject poison into your body if you don’t.

How to solve wasp and bee nests

When handling wasp and bee nests, make sure to contact a pest control professional. Most pest control professional consider handling beehives with care and may remove them to your property and place them in a better location so as to not destroy them. Wasps, on the other hand, may be given a different treatment than bees.