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Best Way To Get Rid Of A Possum Nesting In Your Roof

cost of pest control services leichhardtPossum loves to play in trees but they can still live under your roof if they are given a chance. If you hear strange noises in your roof cavity, better contact your pest control specialist so that they can properly remove the animal right away.

Two types of possums

The brushtail possum. This animal prefers to live by himself and is the larger variety of the two. They love to stay in fruit trees and vegetable gardens. The problem with these animals is if they find a chance to get into your property, they can create total chaos as they rummage through your pantry and trash bins.

The ringtail possum. Ringtail possums love to eat flowers and leaves so if you are missing dozens of your great looking roses, you can bet that these animals are just near them. This animal is a smaller version of the brushtail so it can get inside small gaps and enter the roof cavity of your home. They live mostly as a family unlike the brushtail and will create nests called dreys.

How to remove a possum

If you are hearing noises in your roof space, it may be because you have a possum nesting. To get rid of them, better call a pest control company that also specializes in removing possum. Your specialist will mostly identify where these animals are getting in and will close off all entry points.

Once all entry points are sealed, they will then provide an avenue for the animal to leave the roof. They will mostly create a specially designed one-way door to coax the possum to the door with a trail of food.

Once the possum is out, your pest control specialist will come back to your home and remove the one-way door. After that, your home will be free from any possum infestation and their work is done.